Friday, 9 October 2015



Still chillin' in Melbourne. Winter has finally gone hoorah, not a lot to report this end, just working working saving saving for my next adventure to Central/South America. My housemate Zack and I took a trip to Brighton Beach and Luna Park, mainly for the super cool exterior. Weird clown scary face, what a great excuse for some cute new blawg photos huh? Kinda impossible not to get photo bombed by snotty five year old's and their parents but this has to be the best entrance to an amusement park like eva? Tnx Missguided for the cute shirt dress also.

 Shirt dress - c/o Missguided // Boots - Dr Martens // Bag - India // Necklace - Car boot sale

Just a quick one from me today, got work! 

Until next time.... 

J x

Friday, 28 August 2015



I've been super duper busy recently so have only just had the time to edit these photos to post. I recently worked at the Melbourne Gift Fair exhibition on a stall 'Cool Coconut' - jewelery made from cocounut shell - cool huh? It was so much fun, can't wait to meet up with the guys again in sunny Byron Bay. At the show we were exhibiting next to a brand selling handmade items from Nepal. A few of you might know I recently spent a few months in India and am obsessed with the Indian/Nepalese style so when I found out they were selling off their samples I jumped at the chance to buy this super cute rainbow handmade crochet scarf...I have to be so selective when i'm travelling not to buy much as I have no room but couldn't resist this!

But for now i'm currently working at the feminine and sassy Aussy fashion retailer Alannah Hill, trying to work as much as possible to save up those dollar bills...

Tassel top - c/o Missguided // Jeans  - Topshop Joni £32ish // Shoes - Dr Martens £50ish // Crochet scarf - Mandela $15 // Leather rucksack - India £10 // Wooden watch - c/o Jord Watches 

In recent year I've become increasingly concious of where my clothing/accessories are being made and from what materials, which is why when Jord Watches got in contact with me offering me the chance to review one of their wooden timepieces made from sustainable materials I couldn't wait to receieve it. I love the natural look of this watch and it's very easy to style up, matching almost all outfits.

What do you think of this outfit? Have you considered buying a wooden watch?

J x

Monday, 24 August 2015


I often get asked to sample/review various sorts of items on my blog. I love the variety of branching out into different areas and not necessarily sticking just to fashion as I think it gets a bit tedious outfit post after outfit post, so a bit of change up is always a good thing right? It’s exciting writing about something new and hopefully exciting to read too! :)

I was recently contacted by a great company [Smile Brilliant] and asked to test out their teeth whitening treatment. For me, whitening treatments are one of those things that i’ve always looked at in drug stores and thought okay there’s way too much choice and this looks kinda confusing so have put it to the back of mind. Having braces for 2 years when I was younger was awful and I guess i’ve always been slightly conscious about teeth so any product that claims to improve them is always great! 

I have now completed 4 courses of the whitening over the course of a month and the whole experience has been seamless. When the kit first arrived at my door I did feel like this was going to be mission impossible but the lovely Carmen talked me through every step making the entire process very simple to understand. The kit actually comes with fool proof instructions also ironing out any problems you think you will encounter. 

My teeth have never been hugely yellow but they’re definitely not gleaming white either so I was excited to find out really how white this product could make my teeth. 

The kit includes: Teeth whitening trays, carry case, impression material, custom dental models, professional teeth whitening gel, desensitizing gel and (fool proof) instructions. 

Here are the before and after snaps which speak for themselves! I moved house between photos so the lighting is slightly different but I can definitely see a difference.

So far I have only completed 4 sessions, there are many more to come and so the results will continue to get better!

Session 1: 55 mins
Session 2: 60 mins
Session 3: 65 mins
Session 4: 60 mins

Thanks so much Carmen for organising everything and being so patient. I would highly recomend Smile Brilliant for a professional, positive and effective teeth whitening experience.

J x

Buy your own treatment to whiten your teeth here

Friday, 3 July 2015



I know i've been neglecting the blog a bit recently whilst I travel as it's been so hard to keep updated whilst not having a permanent address. But finally yay i'm in Melbourne and have a super cool house right in the city so at last will hopefully be able to upload some outfits (when I can persuade my bf to take them lol). So apparently Melbourne is the fashion capital of Aus right? I really have no excuse. Can't wait to get my head down in a job now for the duration, it's been too long. So nice to feel settled again. Anyway there's so many cool backdrops around the city so i'm not short of those, just need to go shopping now and update my backback with some new city sassy threads.  

Sweater - MinkPink outlet ($35/£17) // Jeans Joni - Topshop £35ish // Pony hair pumps - Zu $30/£15

A really simple outfit today, but i'm in love with these new cute pony hair slip ons - absolute bargain at only $30 (£15) but shame they give me huge blisters WAH. But all is well, there is a MINKPINK OUTLET on my road, seriously yes! So that's where every single thing I own is going to be from soon eek.

What do you guys think of this outfit? Are any of my followers from Melbourne? Would looove to talk to you about cool places to go see/visit.

J x

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Hey yoooo,

I'm loving the fact i'm finally at a permanent address as i'm able to post my outfits more regularly. YAY to that. The great thing about Melbourne is you never run out of back drops either, I didn't stray far from my house in this one. I actually went to leave to find a park or something and realised my own back door was kinda cool, well I thought so anyways ba ha.

I've always been more of a VANS gal, but have recently seen the light and realised there's nothing better then a pair of battered [Converse]! My favs are obviously the classic white/black styles, i'm not ready to rock the cerise pink yet but watch this space hehe. Picked up this cutesy sport luxe MinkPink dress from the outlet near me for $30, god I love that store.

 Converse - c/o JD Sports (tnx guys) // Dress - MinkPink Outlet $30 // Bag - India £10

Would love to know what you think of this outfit - needing some encouragement on the old blawg at the moment hehe!

Anyways I have an interview this afternoon, wish me luck guyssss eek. 

J x

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